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[comments-gtlds] A. Mclaughlin's 300 TLD's in the right direction . .

I agree with "A. Mclaughlin's 300 TLD's in the right direction . . "

What value has an extension?  As any person or organisation can obtain any
domain name with any extension from Network Solutions, it would appear
worthless.  Remove the extensions and allow future domain names to include
the dot(.) character [technically possible?].  It will then be up to the
organisation or individual whether or not they wish to continue using a
.com/.net/.org extension [or any other for that matter].

Also, should stand still whilst 'lawyers & experts' resolve Trade Mark
infringement issues?  NO.   Trade Mark infringements should be dealt with in
the same way as in the 'real' world.  Infringe and expect to be caught.

Paul Gregson
Gregson & Mutlu International Limited