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[comments-gtlds] gTLDs for everyone!

When considering new gTLDs I can understand the desire to represent Native
Americans.   The problem with that method of assigning gTLDs is-when to
stop!   Who doesn't deserve a gTLD?    

Consider the other interests that have already been mentioned,  .airlines
.shop   .biz    and for that matter, why not .irish and .seniors    and,
and, and...

Since the Internet is open to the world, every conceivable interest and
business may rightly consider themselves worthy of a gTLD!

It seems self evident that domain name categories ad infinitum become
absurd!   If everything deserves a gTLD, why have them at all?

Proposal:  SimplifiedDomains (www.simplifieddomains.com
<http://www.simplifieddomains.com> ) takes that fresh approach-and goes
beyond categories.   Put the dot three characters back, and every word
becomes a gTLD.   Technology now allows us to do that!   Why keep
constraining and frustrating ourselves with old technology!?

SimplifiedDomains will get us past the politics and special interests and
allow a truly meaningful domain system!   Please consider it!

Bob Stoddard