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[comments-gtlds] I support Position Paper E

To whom it may concern:

This e-mail is written in response to public commentary invitation.  Please 
keep me informed as to further scheduling of public comment periods.

My name is Martha Elizabeth Ture. I live at 697 Cascade Drive, Fairfax, CA 
94930.  For purposes of identification, I earned my master's degree in public 
policy at the University of California at Berkeley, and have served as staff 
to three federal agencies, a Congressman, and a U.S. Senator.  I currently 
work with Native American clients, doing legal and academic research.  

With this public policy background, I think it is important that Native 
Americans, who have been trying since 1992 to get a TLD, do so now, as we 
enter the 21st century.

I will answer any questions.

Martha E. Ture