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Re: [registrars] Time for elections.

Richard Lindsay wrote:
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> Greetings,
> I basically agree with the spirit, that we need some more
> structure.
> I spoke with some of the Registrars about a similar issue in
> Cairo, but I think it might be good to have a multi-person
> secretariat, or Chair and 2 deputy chairs if that is what we
> want to call it.  I think there is a lot of work, and Michael
> has done a great job, but sometimes it might get to be too
> much for one person to handle.


This might be a good solution right now. In any case, or original
AoAs/bylaws/Charter (all being the same) just provide for a Secretariat.

Ohter Consituencies went directly for so-called Administrative
Committees, Chairs and so on. We thouht at that time that the lighter,
the better.

So don't forget to propose Charter's amendments, if you want to change
the structure!!

Best regards,