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[registrars] Time for elections.

Dear Colleagues:

I'm not sure why we did take actions in Berlin leading to a selection of 
officers.  I guess we were totally focused upon the NC representatives to 
be elected.

It is clear to me that we need a Chair and, probably, a Deputy Chair.  We 
should also have an affirmative vote that Michael is our Secretariat -- he 
volunteered on an ad hoc basis -- as a matter of fact, I saw he had a 
writing tablet and proposed that he take notes on the meeting.  (I wish all 
my off the cuff recommendations were at least 50% that good:-)

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum.  It won't last long.  Lacking bona 
fide officers, with the best of intentions, Timothy Denton has stepped in 
and broken the vacuum.  However, that's not the way things should be run.

I propose that we open nominations now, to run through May 15.  After that, 
we should have seven days for elections (as we agreed when the last 
election for an NC member was held).

Regards, BobC