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Re: [registrars] Time for elections.

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I basically agree with the spirit, that we need some more

I spoke with some of the Registrars about a similar issue in
Cairo, but I think it might be good to have a multi-person
secretariat, or Chair and 2 deputy chairs if that is what we
want to call it.  I think there is a lot of work, and Michael
has done a great job, but sometimes it might get to be too
much for one person to handle.

We also never established a period of office for the Secretariat
did we?  Anyway, some of these issues and other shop keeping
issues I think could be discussed at Yokohama.  If we want
to have an election, I guess the secretariat has some more
work to do in the near future?...


"Robert F. Connelly" wrote:

> Dear Colleagues:
> I'm not sure why we did take actions in Berlin leading to a selection of
> officers.  I guess we were totally focused upon the NC representatives to
> be elected.
> It is clear to me that we need a Chair and, probably, a Deputy Chair.  We
> should also have an affirmative vote that Michael is our Secretariat -- he
> volunteered on an ad hoc basis -- as a matter of fact, I saw he had a
> writing tablet and proposed that he take notes on the meeting.  (I wish all
> my off the cuff recommendations were at least 50% that good:-)
> It is said that nature abhors a vacuum.  It won't last long.  Lacking bona
> fide officers, with the best of intentions, Timothy Denton has stepped in
> and broken the vacuum.  However, that's not the way things should be run.
> I propose that we open nominations now, to run through May 15.  After that,
> we should have seven days for elections (as we agreed when the last
> election for an NC member was held).