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RE: [registrars] Japan meeting schedule


Not to forget the important question of whether there will be collective
action, or any action, in regard to responding to WG-B and IPC trademark

So far I see no structure for collective response. Does our Secretary write
a report for us on the report forwarded from WG-B, of which he is chairman?
Or does something else take place?
It is worth pondering.

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Hello, all:

I'm curious about what registrars think about the preliminary schedule for
the Japan meeting? Are we going to have time to accomplish anything as a
constituency? Will we need to meet before the public forum or can we
accomplish our goals the day after? What should be our goals?

Does anyone have a suggestion for when exactly we should meet and what a
possible agenda could or should be?

Hammering out a Code of Conduct, obviously, is a top priority, but what are
there other issues on the table?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?