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[registrars] Too much noise from Canada

At 09:37 26-04-2000 +1000, Erica Roberts wrote:
>To avoid any future recurrence,  contact information  should be  provided
>in advance in the future.

Dear Erica:

Here, here.  I went to bed at about 23:00 still not knowing what the number 
was to be.  I got up at 04:45, having left my machine booted.  I found the 
number at 04:55, called in at 04:59 and at least two persons were already 
in the conference, Tim and Michael.

In my opinion, Timothy is not a valuable resource four our 
deliberations:-{  He attempted (very successfully) to dominate the 
discussion, force his opinions on others.  Meeting was badly held, Roger 
talked too much, Lauren talked too much (as usual, even when she did not 
know quite what to say and was struggling to think what her position should 
be, she talked on for over two minutes when others were standing in line -- 
and *knew* what they wanted to say).

Timothy is new to the field and lacks adequate background of where we have 
already been, what compromises have already been made.  He should not be 
leading the discussion.

Michael was much more attuned to the feelings of the group.  He stated to 
summarize what he had heard said and Timothy tried to shut him down.

It was not a good meeting -- but you certainly should have been there.

Personal regards,