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RE: [registrars] Conference call attendees and agenda

I'm v disappointed that I am unable to join in today's call.  Despite having
specifically asked during the weekend, I have not received the required
contact information.

To avoid any future recurrence,  contact information  should be  provided
in advance in the future.


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 << File: Timothy M. Denton.vcf >> Registrars:
You will have received the conference call-in numbers by now. If not,
contact me and I shall send them to you. (tmdenton@magma.ca)

Expected to attend are:
Bryan Evans
Lauren Gaviser
Robert Connolly
Paul Kane
Mike Palage
Erica Roberts
Bruce Beckwith
Jeff Field
Ross Rader
Ken Stubbs
Larry Erlich
Paul Stahura
Elliott Noss
Josh Elliott
Timothy Denton (chair)

all other registrars are welcome.

The agenda of the meeting is:
1. To consider the report of the Names Council, and specifically the rate
and size of domain name expansion;
2. To consider the the report of Working Group B (Famous Names)and the
further proposals of the IPC made after the filing of the WG-B report, and
to establish registrars' reactions thereto;
3. To make such progress as we can towards a common set of positions on
domain name expansion and TM protections in time for presentation to the
ICANN Board;
4. To consider such other initiatives or organizational efforts as would
help registrars achieve their goals.

Timothy Denton, BA, BCL
Telecom and Internet Law and Policy
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