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Re: [registrars] Code of Conduct

At 17:03 29-03-2000 -0800, Ivan Vachovsky wrote:
>BTW Yahoo refused today our banner advertisement with the motivation that
>only NOSY has exclusive rights to advertise domain names registration on 

Dear Ivan:  In the lack of some strong reasons for Yahoo to accept your 
advertising, that is a very alarming position for them to take.

I would expect them to be under the same anti-trust constraints as any 
major newspaper.  Can you imagine NY Times refusing to advertise Ford 
products because they had GM as a client?

If you can confirm your observations, action should be taken by Justice.

We could not afford to buy their advertising, but it would be interesting 
if a consortium of Accredited registrars attempted to take out an ad;-)

Personal regards, BobC