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Re: [registrars] Code of Conduct

> Dear Ivan:  In the lack of some strong reasons for Yahoo to accept your 
> advertising, that is a very alarming position for them to take.
> I would expect them to be under the same anti-trust constraints as any 
> major newspaper.  Can you imagine NY Times refusing to advertise Ford 
> products because they had GM as a client?
> If you can confirm your observations, action should be taken by Justice.
> We could not afford to buy their advertising, but it would be interesting 
> if a consortium of Accredited registrars attempted to take out an ad;-)


These types of arrangements are commonplace - try to take out advertising
on Lycos and you will likely find that Jeff Field @ Namesecure has an
exclusive. Most of the portals have entered into exclusive relationships
with a number of registrars and there is nothing that can be done about
it AFAIK...

The antitrust angle is interesting, but I believe that it is a standard
principle of business (and most likely law) that a company can choose whom
they do business with (or in this case, who they do not). All the money in
the world isn't likely to get your name on 3Com park before their contract
runs out...


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