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[registrars] NC Budget approved

Here's a personal (ie unofficial) report of the (2 hour) Names Council
teleconference held on Friday, that was attended by all constituencies.

The NC approved a budget for the year 2000, that allows for a maximum of
US$ 95,500 to be spent following the guidelines proposed by Ken Stubbs
in http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc03/msg00509.html

Whilst the amount of the budget for the NC to operate effectively was
agreed, (a substantial reduction from the original $250,000 draft
budget) there was no agreement as to the location of the DNSO/NC
Secretariat.  The reduction was achieved as it is envisaged there will
be parties interested in supporting the NC Staff by offering pro-bono
support services such as accommodation, bandwidth.....

Where the NC Secretariat is located is yet to be determined and is
dependent on the expressions of interest and support proposed.... If
anyone is interested, please "speak-up".... 

It was proposed that the budget be divided equally among the seven
constituencies, so each would have to contribute US$ 13,643.  Each
constituency will be contacted by the ICANN staff to arrange the details
of the payment.

Next tel conf will be on April 18, and if you have any issues that you
would like considered for the Agenda, please let me know.