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[council] Proposed Names Council budget

 To: The Names Council

Here is a revised budget for the names council. I have made the following assumptions and discussed the various costs included with miscellaneous vendors over the last 3 weeks.  Please review and comment if you wish and lets see if we can get this taken care of at this next meeting

Assumptions and related costs are included below: (Note: all costs are in US$)

Web Hosting & Connectivity:

Machines:  Estimated Cost = $5000

Connectivity  = ICANN will provide connectivity        

                                                       Total web hosting & Connectivity                                                                           $ 5,000


Estimate 12 teleconferences per year x 2 hours x 20 persons     (est. $600/teleconference)                                       7,200


One full time Names Council Staff person to be located physically in the ICANN offices in Marina Del Rey California  

 Salary cost (including payroll taxes & insurance)                                                                                                         55,000

Office expenses (Including telephone etc)        (estimate at $900 US/month)          $10,800

Office set up  (i.e. equipment purchases - computer, acctg software etc. )               3,000                                    

                                    Total Office expenses                                                                                                                13,800

Travel to 3 meetings/year for 4 days @$2,500/meeting for above mentioned staff                                                     7,500

Incidentals & miscellaneous unforeseen costs (contingency                                                                                         15,000

            Total not counting ICANN Meeting costs                                                                                                         $91,500      

Suggestion for handling meeting costs...

For single per-ICANN meeting fee (<$1,000), the NC would be able to create an
audio archive of the following meetings:                                                                                                                         4,000

- NC
     - GA
     - constituencies
     - Working Groups

An audio tape would be made for each meeting, later to be digitized and
posted on a real audio source website. This would satisfy the by-law requirements                                                                                                              (i checked with the ICANN staff) and significantly reduce our budget for meeting broadcasts. 

Total overall   including contingency reserve                                                                                                              $95,500