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RE: [registrars] Registrar Game Plan

This looks good - and I'm pleased to see  a structure developing.

On this issue, Melbourne IT will be represented by Steve Karabatsos.  Steve
has a good understanding of the issues and has much to contribute to this

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Michael's analysis of the situation makes sense to me.  I will
take the group that has expressed interest so far and start
to get some work done.  Since we have to get something
completed before Yokohama, I suggest we back date from
that, to shoot for providing a draft to the constituency
and to ICANN well in advance.

I think a month should be more than enough time to get
our group to put something together, so I would like to shoot
for the last week of April as a deadline to submit something
more concrete.  Any thoughts?


"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> I have read all of the topics of concerns and I have the following
> observations. The issues fall into three categories: (1) issues that need
> addressed under the existing registrar contract (CONTRACTUAL); (2) issues
> that fall under the Code of Conduct as specified under 2.J.1 of the
> registrar agreement (Code-Conduct) and which will eventually bind ALL
> accredited registrars and (3) Issues that fall into a voluntary compliance
> for constituency members (Best Practice).
> This is how I see the issues falling into the different buckets
> 1. Whois
> Can a distributed system work; or
> Is a centralized system necessary; or
> Is there a hybrid solution
> 2. Escrow
> Data format
> Frequency
> Code of Conduct
> 1. Hijacking domain names
> 2. Warehousing domain names
> 3. Credit card charge backs
> 4. Guaranteeing that is a registrant is sold a multi-year registration if
> is properly reflected in the registry
> 5. Correcting mistakes in the registration process - indemnification etc.
> 6. Transfers
> Best Practice
> 1. Other miscellaneous issues such as internal registrar communication,
> certification marks,
> With regard to the Code of Conduct Richard Lindsey said he would take
> oversight of this effort. If Richard accepts this responsibility I suggest
> he divide the people that have offered help so far into groups to handle
> 6 issues outline in the Code of Conduct section above.

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