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[registrars] Registrar Game Plan

I have read all of the topics of concerns and I have the following
observations. The issues fall into three categories: (1) issues that need be
addressed under the existing registrar contract (CONTRACTUAL); (2) issues
that fall under the Code of Conduct as specified under 2.J.1 of the
registrar agreement (Code-Conduct) and which will eventually bind ALL ICANN
accredited registrars and (3) Issues that fall into a voluntary compliance
for constituency members (Best Practice).

This is how I see the issues falling into the different buckets


1. Whois
Can a distributed system work; or
Is a centralized system necessary; or
Is there a hybrid solution
2. Escrow
Data format

Code of Conduct

1. Hijacking domain names
2. Warehousing domain names
3. Credit card charge backs
4. Guaranteeing that is a registrant is sold a multi-year registration if it
is properly reflected in the registry
5. Correcting mistakes in the registration process - indemnification etc.
6. Transfers

Best Practice

1. Other miscellaneous issues such as internal registrar communication,
certification marks,

PROBLEM: No one person can do it all and the processes cannot be done
sequentially. They must be done in parallel. So this is what I propose. I
have my hands full with Working Group B so I need help.

With regard to Contractual Issues since they directly involve ICANN, I have
contacted Louie and given him a list of people that have volunteered. ICANN
will work with a small group of registrars 2-3 people on each issue. I
believe ICANN will be contacting the people they feel most suitable for this

With regard to the Code of Conduct Richard Lindsey said he would take
oversight of this effort. If Richard accepts this responsibility I suggest
he divide the people that have offered help so far into groups to handle the
6 issues outline in the Code of Conduct section above.

As always I offer my assistance where ever it is necessary, but I believe
the constituency as a whole needs to step up and collectively tackle this

Remember these documents MUST be in place before Japan.