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[registrars] Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 17:20:31 +1000

with respect to the "whois" data , we need to re-affirm the requirements of
the accreditation agreement and make a VERY POSITIVE statement to ICANN to
insist that they re-inforce them.

I think we need do do more than reaffirm the accreditation requirements with
respect to the WHOIS.  M-IT has identified deficiencies in the accreditation
requirements with respect to WHOIS data(amongst other things) which lead to
inefficiencies and confusion, which slow down the transfer of Registrar
process, retard security mechanisms and create the opportunity for error and

I am looking for a forum to discuss this (and other deficiencies) with a
view to the Registrar Constituency recommending to ICANN changes in the
current system which will promote efficiency and competition, and minimise
the opportunities for error and fraud.

  Lacking any terms of REference for the Code of Conduct WG, I am still
unsure how to proceed on this.

I suggest the work of the CoC WG be divided into legal issues (driven by
Mike) and systems/process issues driven by Richard. The objective of the
legal group might be to prepare a draft code identifying the key competition
and consumer protection issues/principles to be endorsed by the Registrars
constituency and (possibly) included in the INCANN accreditation agreement.
The objective for the systems/process group might be to identify
deficiencies in the current system/processes and propose appropriate
modifications to minimise the opportunity for error or fraud. With these two
groups working in parallel, consulting with each other and reporting to the
Registrars constituency, I think we

I am mindful here of the range of issues which need to be addressed and, if
possible, resolved and presented to the next set of ICANN meetings in July.
To achieve this, we need a framework which will allow us to address a range
of legal and technical/process issues in a timely manner.


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