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Re: [registrars] Teleconference & Stuff

> I have one request for an agenda item for the Cairo meeting,
> that is to give a quick explanation to you all why I would like
> Ken and Erica to request that the NC form a Working Group
> to discuss implications for Internationalized Domain Names.
> This is a big topic in the Asia Pacific region, and has consequences
> for Registrars in that there may be  opportunities (and challenges)
> for foreign language domain name registries and registrars.

This really is a big issue, but judging from the current IETF drafts, any
sort of real implementation is still a long ways out. We have spent a lot
of time wrapping our heads around the issue and every single
implementation we've seen thus far is fundamentally broken. Without a
quantum leap in progress by the draft groups, there isn't a lot to talk

With that being said, we would love to be involved in a discussion of this
type - it may be too early for a formal working group however.

> Bigger issues we need to tackle I think include how we can
> organize ourselves into a more productive group.  We do great
> when we are all in the same area (witness the NSI/ICANN contract
> discussions) but need to harness that energy a little more often
> I think :-)



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