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Re: [registrars] Teleconference & Stuff

Greetings all,

I may not be able to make the call, as I will be just arriving
in Korea for an AP regional conference.  However, I will be
in Cairo, and will be able to participate in the meetings there.

I have one request for an agenda item for the Cairo meeting,
that is to give a quick explanation to you all why I would like
Ken and Erica to request that the NC form a Working Group
to discuss implications for Internationalized Domain Names.
This is a big topic in the Asia Pacific region, and has consequences
for Registrars in that there may be  opportunities (and challenges)
for foreign language domain name registries and registrars.

I realize there are many perhaps more pressing agenda items,
but this shouldn't be taxing to the schedule, and would take
just a few minutes.

Bigger issues we need to tackle I think include how we can
organize ourselves into a more productive group.  We do great
when we are all in the same area (witness the NSI/ICANN contract
discussions) but need to harness that energy a little more often
I think :-)

Best regards,

"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> I contemplate having the next scheduled teleconference this Tuesday, Feb 29,
> at 8 AM EST. Some issues that have been proposed for topics of discussion
> include: compliance issues among operational registrars; revisions in the
> ICANN contracts with regard to the retention of data; and some other misc.
> stuff.  If you have any suggestions forward them to me.
> Please notify me if you are intending on participating so that I can arrange
> for the proper number of ports.
> With regards to Registrar Name Counsel fees, I have received checks from
> PSI-Japan, Domain Bank and InfoNetworks. For any company that may have paid
> by wire transfer per the instructions that I posted to the list, please send
> me an e-mail if this was done so that my records may be accurate.
> I hope on having a telephone bridge provided for the Cairo meeting for those
> registrars that will not be able to attend.
> With regard to the NC voting, I am working with Ken and Erica to tabulate
> the votes and will post the results sometime Monday
> Mike

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