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Re: [registrars] Teleconference & Stuff

Hey Ross,

"Ross Wm. Rader" wrote:

> This really is a big issue, but judging from the current IETF drafts, any
> sort of real implementation is still a long ways out. We have spent a lot
> of time wrapping our heads around the issue and every single
> implementation we've seen thus far is fundamentally broken. Without a
> quantum leap in progress by the draft groups, there isn't a lot to talk
> about.
> With that being said, we would love to be involved in a discussion of this
> type - it may be too early for a formal working group however.

Given the lightening speed that the Working Groups progress with,
who knows, we might be right on schedule :-)  Some of the Asia
Pacific groups that I participate in want to start working on the
formation of an international organization, and whether or not
our constituency brings it up or not, it likely will be brought up
in other constituencies.  I just wanted to give an advance