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[registrars] By-aws, Chaters and AoAs

Dear Bob,

One small point of clkarifiction: What I presented to the Berloin
meeting, labelled "Articles of Association", Andrew refers to in some
of his e-mails as "Charter" and Mike keeps calling "by-laws are
exactly the same thing. The same document, I mean. There arte no
different sets of rules hideen behind those names.

As for the reference you make to my assertion of electoral times, yes,
this was the case. And I still believe it is "my" position, and
probably many others. But Another question is whether this time frames
are ensrhined in the AoAs/Charter/By-laws or not..... (arguably, as
this is a run-off election, there was no need for a new nomination
period. But this is just one opinion among many other possible.

Best regards,


PS: "consitutional" problems aside, what I find most troubling is that :

^* such an small fraction of acredited registrars are members of the Constituency
* Such small part of members take part in the votes
* the difficulties we find in having nominees for NC seats orother
offices/piositoons/ representations/work.
* the facxt that among the nominees there is a mojority of thsoe
representing companies whose main intersts lie within other DNSO
constituencies, not the registrars' one.

All this is more torubling than the legnt of electoral periods or the
procedures we follow. Perhaps this is because we lawyers tend to get
bored by legal details ;-)))