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Re: [registrars] Run-Off Ballot

At 11:11 19-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Issue #1: (Place an X in the appropriate [ ] )
>Amend the by-laws to call for a standard seven (7) day voting period on all
>substantive issues. However, this default time period can be amended
>depending upon the circumstances given proper/adequate notice.
>[X ] Yes - adopt a seven (7) default voting period.
>[ ] No  - adopt a different default voting period
>[ ] No - have no default voting periods.

Dear Michael:

Oops, I erred in my vote.

I oppose any provision that anyone could amend the default period.  My vote 
is that it should be seven (7) days without exception.

"...this default time period can be amended depending upon the 
circumstances given proper/adequate notice."  Frankly, there is a high 
probability that even the seven day period will deprive some member from 
voting -- local holidays, business trips, vacations, plant shutdowns.  I 
can not accept any period short of seven days -- inevitably, some members 
will be disenfranchised by the shortness of the vote.  Seven days should be 
a statutory minimum, not a maximum.

I think you should clarify this point and resubmit this provision of the 
ballot for all to vote upon it.