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Re: [registrars] Run-Off Ballot


Richard Lindsay is a good guy, (a personal friend) and he was an excellent NC
representative and it is a real pity ICANN's rules have removed him.

If the ICANN rules are broken, they need to be changed in a constructive manner, if
the NC is currently without direction, it needs guidance ....... debates are very
interesting but they must come to a conclusion.....

Yes, I do have broad experience, and a number of RegistraR's have asked that I use
that experience to the advantage of the RegistraR constituency, hence my candidacy.



PS. Sorry for the delay in replying, I was at the RIPE meetings

"Robert F. Connelly" wrote:

> At 11:11 19-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
> >Attached below is a ballot and some additional proposals for amending the
> >by-laws.  These new amendments have been proposed in light of various issues
> >that have arisen since the last ballot.