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Re: [registrars] By-aws, Chaters and AoAs

At 10:54 20-02-2000 +0100, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
>One small point of clarifiction: What I presented to the Berlin
>meeting, labelled "Articles of Association", Andrew refers to in some
>of his e-mails as "Charter" and Mike keeps calling "by-laws" are
>exactly the same thing. The same document, I mean. There ar no
>different sets of rules hidden behind those names.

Dear Amadeu:

Thank you for your clarification.

Andrew has now advised me that the posting which appeared to have been from 
him was actually from you.  I'm sorry that I was not advised after the 
first time that I posted that quotation.  I now remember that you were 
traveling and asked Andrew to post it to the list.  I have now found four 
postings which included that reference, IMO, none of them were obviously 
from you rather than Andrew.

I am greatly concerned that the seven day voting period is, in itself, too 
short.  I'll be posting a separate item to that effect.

The Registrar Constituency consists of ICANN Accredited Registrars.  Thus, 
the "Member" is a corporate body.  However, those corporate bodies 
participate by way of having officers and/or employees attend meetings and 
participate in Email threads.  But only one Member may vote.  In the case 
of balloting, a designated voting officer or employee expresses the opinion 
of the "Member".

The problem is that, while "Members" generally operate seven days per week, 
the designated voter for the Member may have vacations, trips, etc. which 
often deprive him or her of the opportunity to cast a vote expressing the 
of the Member on an issue.

I'll address this issue further in comments on the present ballot which 
proposes a 7 day voting period but with unspecified conditions for 
shortening the voting period.

Personal regards, BobC