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RE: [registrars] Ballot - remember to vote

At 14:11 10-02-2000 +1100, Erica Roberts wrote:
>If we are to comply with ICANN global diversity reqirements and select
>people from different regions for the NC,  we need a ballot only to decide
>which candidate will be selected from Europe.

Dear Erica:

"Global diversity" is a farce:-(  What GAC wants is ethnic diversity, 
without respect to regional diversity.  A bunch of bureaucrats fattened at 
the public larder, never having had the experience of meeting a payroll, 
only lining up for their own take from the public treasury.  They are the 
ones telling ICANN how to be run.

Quite honestly, I'm about to blow the whistle on this issue to the watch 
agency in the California Government which is responsible to see that not 
for profit corporations meet in the open.

GAC, which meets in closed rooms, answering to no one, tells ICANN how to 
run their public business:-(  That is *wrong*.  No way under California Law.

Thanks for helping unmask this travesty.

Personal regards,