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Re: [registrars] Proposed Teleconferences

Greeting everyone,

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the first teleconference
later tonight, but plan on attending the second teleconference
next week.

With regard to compliance, I agree that we definitely want to work
out what problems may exist and attempt to take steps to resolve
them before any situations occur.


> First Teleconference:
> I would like to schedule the first Working Group B teleconference for this
> Thursday morning at 8 AM EST.

> Second Teleconference:
> The second telephone conference will be held some time next week to address,
> compliance issues. I have heard complaints from numerous registrars about
> other registrars failing to adhere to the terms of the ICANN contract. We
> have two choices. One, we work at identifying these problems and resolving
> them ourselves or we can wait till the situation requires outside oversight.
> I prefer the former instead of the later. For those individuals that our
> interested in participating please notify me so that I can make appropriate
> plans.

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_/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay