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[registrars] Proposed Teleconferences

Over the next couple of weeks there will be two scheduled teleconferences.
One to address operational registrar compliance issues and the second to
address Working Group B.

First Teleconference:

I would like to schedule the first Working Group B teleconference for this
Thursday morning at 8 AM EST. Sorry for the short delay but this is vitally
important to all registration authority interests. The current proposal in
Working Group B by the Intellectual Property Interest calls for the creation
of a famous marks list that would be incorporated into a screening filter.
As most registrars are aware, filters have significant legal and technical
implications to their day to day operations.  More importantly it is the
implementation mechanism that potentially concerns me the most. Several
people have voiced their concern that the filters be installed at the
REGISTRY level. Remember that $6 registry fee can go up if there are
additional requirements placed on the registry.

Phil Sbarbaro has indicated that NSI would be willing to host this
conference. Please indicate how many people are interested in participating
so that I can work with Phil on arranging the appropriate number of ports. I
will be circulating to the list selected reading material for each
participant to get up to speed on the issues that will be discussed.

Second Teleconference:

The second telephone conference will be held some time next week to address,
compliance issues. I have heard complaints from numerous registrars about
other registrars failing to adhere to the terms of the ICANN contract. We
have two choices. One, we work at identifying these problems and resolving
them ourselves or we can wait till the situation requires outside oversight.
I prefer the former instead of the later. For those individuals that our
interested in participating please notify me so that I can make appropriate