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[registrars] Guam in a Commonwealth of the USA, similar to Puerto Rico.

Dear Colleagues:

I rise to throw a red herring into the election process.

Guam is in the Asia Pacific Region.

Guam is a part of the USA.  It elects a member of the House of 
Representatives.  Richard Lindsay is a citizen of the USA.

Spouses of Americans who have permanent residence status (green cards) may 
satisfy the legal requirements of keeping their status by visiting Guam 

Therefore (ready for this) Richard Lindsay is fully qualified to be a Names 
Council delegate for the AP region for the Registrars Constituency and 
should never have been asked to step down.

I don't know what kind of xenophobia or anti American shenanigans the GAC 
were working under, but we should stop the election of a new delegate right 
now, nip it in the bud.

Not sorry about this;-)

Personal regards, BobC, who is sporting a large grin this AM.