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[registrars] Clarification - Paul Kane's Bio

I am about to send out the ballot, but before I do, I have been asked by a
couple of people to provide clarification on the bio that I forwarded to the
list on behalf of Paul Kane.

In LA, the registrar constituency had only two representatives, due to
Amadeu's election to the Board. Originally, I was asked to take his seat
until a replacement could be elected. However, because the by-laws were
unclear on the proper chain of command when a Names Counsel member cannot
fulfill his/her duties I thought it was best not to take on this

Paul Kane volunteered to represent the constituency in the Names Counsel
meeting. Therefore, I believe the more appropriate characterization of Paul
Kane position would be "pro tem" instead of elected, and that it would be
more accurate to say that Paul is running for the Names Counsel seat for the
first time as opposed to seeking re-election.

I tried to contact Paul to have him make this clarification but he is out of
the office for most of the week at a conference. Therefore, I thought it
prudent to make this clarification prior to commencing the voting process.