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[registrars] Fwd: Paul Kane's Bio

Note: This was originally bounced from the list list because Paul used a different e-mail address.
Fellow Registrars,

First of all may I say it was an honour to have been elected the European Names Council Representative in LA and to have played a small part in remoulding the DoC/ICANN/NSI/Registrar Agreements. Congratulations to all who participated in the process, I think it was an excellent outcome.

I have been asked to stand for re-election as part of the process of legitimization of my position in the Registrar constituency.

I am on the Board of a number of companies: I have been offered a number of other Board positions with various (internet) companies and whilst it has been a privilege to be asked, I have declined at this time.

Whilst none of the companies with which I am associated are members of CORE, I support many of the principles of CORE.  In March 1999  I gave a presentation on Domain Name Registration systems, at their Annual General Meeting in Nice.  Since that date a number of their members, who are now ICANN Accredited Registrars, have contracted the services of REACTO.com to build and support their Registry platforms.

I am obviously in favour of new gTLDs provided they are introduced in a very responsible manner.

As for the future, I believe the ICANN needs to be a "lean, dynamic, and effective" administration,  empowering innovation and quality of private sector services for the whole internet community. It has started quite well, needs some "tuning", and the DNSO Names Council is one of the organs through which the voice of progress can be effected to benefit the whole Internet Community and the Registrar Constituency in particular.

I am married, have two young children, and am a citizen (and resident) of the UK.

I welcome your continued support and hope to secure your vote again, but understand if you feel the diversity of my experience is not what you are looking for at this time.


Paul Kane