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RE: [registrars] Ballot - remember to vote

Given the ICANN requirement for global diversity, can you clarify what
arrangements are in place to ensure that the results of this election are
valid in the sense that they will conform with ICANN global diversity

This election is likely to be a contest between the two European reps who
can be expected to get most of the votes.  But if we select two Europeans
for the NC, ICANN will reject the selection on the grounds that we have not
complied with the global diversity requirments.  We need to select people
from different global regions.

If we are to comply with ICANN global diversity reqirements and select
people from different regions for the NC,  we need a ballot only to decide
which candidate will be selected from Europe.


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Subject: [registrars] Ballot - remember to vote

To date I have received only two votes in connection with the NC election
and the proposed by-law amendments. Voting is scheduled to end this Friday
at Midnight. Listed below are the authorized members eligible to vote for
each Registrar if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me
via e-mail or phone +1 (561) 741-7880.

Best regards,



7Ways	France	Francois Collignon
9NetAvenue	US	Frank Gurrera
ABACUS America, Inc./A+Net	US	Ivan Vachovsky
A Technology Company 	Canada	Jason Hendeles
Active ISP 	Norway	Ian Christiansen
Affinity Hosting	US	William Lucking
Alabanza	US	Thomas Cunningham
All West Communications 	US	Len Bayles
America Online 	US	David Rivera
Animus Communications	US	Jason Ayers
AT&T 	US	Maryann McCormick
CASDNS, Inc.	US	Jeffery Smith
Computer Data Networks	Kuwait	Haya Al-Ghanim
CORE	Global	Ken Stubbs
Domain Bank, Inc.	US	Hal Lubsen
Domain Direct / TUCOWS 	Canada	Ross Wm. Rader
DomainRegistry.com 	US	Larry Erlich
EnetRegistry.com	US	Mary Schultz
eNom, Inc	US	Paul Stahura
InfoAvenue 	US	Jeff Shrewsbury
InfoNetworks	US/UK	Michael D. Palage
InterAccess	US	Bryan A. Evans
Interdomain 	Spain	Teresa Sobreviela
Internet Domain Registrars 	Canada/US	Paul Lum
interQ Incorporated 	Japan	Richard A. S. Lindsay
Melbourne IT 	Australia	Clive Flory
The Name-It Corporation	US	Matt Cockman
NameSecure.com 	US	Jeff Field
NetBenefit	UK	Scott McKay
NetNames 	UK	Tom Barrett
NetNation Communications, Inc.	Canada	Christopher Kruk
Network Solutions	US	Bruce Beckwith
Nominalia 	Catalonia	Jordi Hinojosa
Port Information System AB 	Sweden	Per-Anders Hurtigh
PSI-Japan, Inc.	Japan	Robert F. Connelly
PSI-USA, Inc. US Robert F. Connelly
REACTO.com	UK	Paul M. Kane
Register.com 	US	Richard Forman
Research Institute for Computer Science	Japan	Toshio Matsuda
TechDogs / InfoRamp	US	Janet Rogers
TotalWeb Solutions	UK	Miesha Vukasinovic
Verio	US	Eric Eden
Virtual Internet 	UK	Desiree Miloshevic
WebTrends	US	Suzanne Baylor

Listed below is the much talked about, much delayed Registrar Ballot.
Voting will close Friday Midnight EST. I will post the results to the list


Please vote for the following Names Counsel Nominees and the proposed
amendments to the By-Laws:
Summary: Amend Section IV of the by-laws to clarify the process for
membership voting in connection with elections. In the past elections this
issue has been hotly debated and I would like to clarify it in this voting
process. Please note that nothing would prevent someone from publicly
disclosing their vote to the list as a sign of support for their candidate.
For example during the ICANN board elections, the balloting was done in
secret. Additionally, in the past I have spoken with Andrew McLaughlin and
he stated that if there were ever a challenge to the secretariat's
tabulation of the votes, someone from ICANN would be available to review the
Options: (Please indicate with an X in the appropriate box)
[ ] Voting should be private, both during and after the election. In this
scenario, only the raw results of the elections would be released, i.e
candidate A received X votes and candidate B received Y votes.
[ ] The voting results of how each member voted for the candidates must be

Summary: Amend Section III of the by-laws to provide for the recognition of
Registrar Constituency Task Forces. As described in my previous e-mails
these Task Forces, similar to the SLA Task Force, will be commissioned by
the constituency and tasked with conducting research on a specific topic of
interest to the constituency. These Task Forces will better enable the
constituency to stay abreast of the developments within the DNSO and ICANN
Options: (Please indicate with an X in the appropriate box)
[ ]  Yes I support amending the by-laws to recognize Registrar Constituency
Task Forces
[ ]  No I oppose amending the by-laws to recognize Registrar Constituency
Task Forces
Summary: Amend section III of the by-laws by adding section III. 4. (e) to
reflect the proper chain of command whenever a Names Counsel member is
unable to participate in a Names Counsel meeting or teleconference. This was
a problem for this constituency during Amadeu's election to the board and it
has also been a problem for other constituencies as well.  For example,
during Jonathan Cohen run for the Board, an associate at his law firm held
his position and voting powers for an extended period of time.  It has been
propose that whenever a Name Counsel member is unable to participate in a NC
event that the secretariat assume these duties as being the only other
elected member from the Constituency.
Options: (Please indicate with an X in the appropriate box)
[ ]  I support creating a proper chain of command whenever a Names Counsel
Member is unable  to participate in an NC event.
[ ] A Names Counsel Member should be able to select whoever he/she desires
to vote on behalf of the constituency's interest.
[ ] If a Names Counsel Member is unavailable, no one should take his/her
position and the Registrars shall only be represented by those Names Counsel
members available.
Options: (Please indicate with an X in the appropriate boxes) - You are
allowed TWO votes
[ ] Erica Roberts (Melbourne IT)  (Asia Pacific)
[ ] Fracois Colligenon - (7 Ways) (Europe)
[ ] Paul Kane (RICS - Research Institute for Computer Science) (Europe)

NOTE: According to the by-laws you are not required to cast your vote for
two different geographical regional candidates. You can vote for two
candidates from the same region. Because of the regional diversity
requirements contained in the by-laws, Erica Roberts is guaranteed to win
one of the Names Counsel seats unless no ones votes for her. Let me be the
first to congratulate you Erica. The true race is between Fracois and Paul,
and a member may elect to vote for both if you so wish.