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RE: [registrars] SLA - Decision Time

Customers require their Registrar to provide an excellent level of
service.  If the failure to deliver excellent service is outside the
control of the Registrar, i.e.. at Registry level, consumer confidence
in the DNS is damaged. If a Registrar provides a poor service level (due
to poor Registry performance) it damages it's reputation and the
industry as a whole.

The proposed SLA provides a base line, which is a step in the right
direction and welcomed, but in my view, the base line proposed by this
SLA is too low and should be reviewed. Over the last 5 years NSI
Registry and Registrar has provided reliable technical services to the
community (with very little down time). Whilst recognizing the NSI
Registry is a separate (and new) division it is unacceptable in my view
if the introduction of competition in the management of names,
subsequenlty could cause NSI's technical standards to fall to the
detriment of the whole industry. I am confident this is not NSI
Registry's intention and respectfully ask that more time be given to the
process of increasing the base line, thus:

REACTO.com and RICS vote for option 2. Let's improve the SLA now and
increase the level of service we are able to provide to our customers.

Paul M. Kane
Representative of REACTO.com and Research Institute for Computer Science