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[registrars] SLA Voting Results

Voting/Comments for the SLA is now closed. Listed below are the results that
I have received to date. The SLA was circulated to this list and to all
ICANN accredited registrars on or before (January 23). According to the
ICANN/DOC/NSI original and extended agreements, after a 10 ten (calendar)
day comment period the original task force was required to hold one last
teleconference with the registry to make any last minute changes in light of
the comments received during the comment period.

During the comment/voting period, a total of thirty (30) votes were
received. Twenty-one (21) registrars voted in favor of option 1 and nine (9)
voted in favor of option 2. If there are any missing votes please notify me
ASAP.  According to the ICANN agreements a 2/3 (66%) consensus is needed for
the SLA approval. Therefore, 20 votes were needed for consensus on this
issues based upon the registrars that participated in the process. According
to my math, consensus has been reached with regard to Option 1.

I will notify Adam Zimmerman that the Task Force is ready to meet.  If the
Task Force members could contact me as to your availability I would greatly
appreciate it. If possible I would like to schedule the teleconference for
tomorrow. I do not anticipate this teleconference lasting more than 15 to 30
minutes. After the teleconference the SLA will be forward to Louie to put
into to proper contractual terms so that it may be incorporated/amended into
the contracts.

I would like to thank the task force members for their efforts to date, and
encourage them to continue on this task force as it will need to be
revisited in six months. I respect those registrars that opted for option 2.
I personally share some of your concerns, but in the end I believe that it
was best to have an SLA instead of nothing at all.  I encourage you over the
next six months to


Domain Bank supports option 1.
InterQ supports option 1.
A Technology Company, Inc. supports Option 1.
AOL supports Option 1.
Computer Data Networks supports Option 1.
chinadns.com supports Option 1.
Melbourne IT supports Option 1.
InterAccess is comfortable with option 1.
7ways support option 1.
Virtual Internet supports option 1.
A+Net supports option 1.
All West supports Option 1.
Total WebSolutions supports option 1.
CORE is comfortable with option 1.
PSI Japan supports option 1.
InfoNetworks supports Option 1.
Info Avenue supports option 1.
Interdomain supports option 1
CASDNS Inc Supports option #1
NSI supports options #1.
FreeYellow.com supports Option #1.

EnetRegistry.com has to vote for option 2.
Direct Connection has voted for option 2.
Register.com has voted for option 2.
DomainRegistry.com also supports option 2
N@meIT.net votes for option 2.
RSPs (TUCOWS) support option 2.
eNom supports option 2
Internet Domain Registrars supports Option 2.
Reacto supports Option 2.