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[registrars] Bref brio from Francois

Dear Fellow Registrars,
I have been asked to give a short resume of my experience in view of my possible election to the Names Council.
I have been involved full time in Domain name internet affairs for the last 2 1/2 years. I have been active in lobbying in Europe and advocated on behalf of the registrars with the European organizations involved in Internet. I am a active member of the International AFNIC group which supports the DNSO and ICANN initiatives.
I regulary take part in the European Community Panel of Participants (EC-POP) in the internet governance. I have personnaly fought a long and hard battle for Europeans to stand together and have a single voice in the development of European internet affairs. I am an active coordinator between government bodies and the Internet associations in France. I am the Vice President of the European Internet Business Association and I am active in promoting the development of the Domain name system among users.
In Europe I have participated in meetings and contributed to the developement of the dispute resolution process for the protection of domain name owners and the creation of a safe environment on the internet which would encourage the creation of new gTLDs and a new ccTLD in Europe. As the different ccTLDs each have their own particular regulations the .EU will allow for a more unified approach for European users as a whole.
I am told that I am well respected by other constituencies and among my colleagues who like me, take part in the development of internet and I feel this is vital in achieving our constituency goals and in working towards an harmonious relationship with ICANN.
I have worked hard to maintain a good communication with my fellow registrars and defend their interests among the relevant European bodies and outside of Europe. I will continue to do this to the best of my ability in the widest interest of internet. My approach is honest and straight forward.
My background is :
Doctorate in electronic engineering from "Ecole des Arts et Metiers - Belgium"
Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis
Business consultant and project manager for startup internet companies
At present I am Director of the Registration department of  7Ways which has expertise in secured internet networks and develops a sophisticated security systems. In addition I am Financial chairman of CORE, a position which I have held for 1 1/2 years.
Among my favorite occupations, that is after the internet, is good cooking.
Thank you for your consideration
Francois Collignon
e-mail : collignon@7ways.net