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[registrars] SLA Voting Update

Listed below are the voting results received to date in connection with the
SLA. I will be in Washington Monday and Tuesday of next week and it is my
intent to finalize the SLA with NSI "the registry", any objection? In
addition to circulating the SLA to the registrar dnso mailing list I
circulated among all ICANN accredited registrars.

Best regards,


Domain Bank supports option 1.
InterQ supports option 1.
A Technology Company, Inc. supports Option 1.
AOL supports Option 1.
Computer Data Networks supports Option 1.
chinadns.com supports Option 1.
Melbourne IT supports Option 1.
InterAccess is comfortable with option 1.
7ways support option 1.
Virtual Internet supports option 1.
A+Net supports option 1.
All West supports Option 1.
InfoNetworks supports Option 1.

EnetRegistry.com has to vote for option 2.
Direct Connection has voted for option 2.
Register.com has voted for option 2.