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Re: [registrars] Response to ICANN-DoC-NSI Agreements


Sorry for my delay in getting back to you.  The ICANN Board
elections have been taking up some time (mostly sleep time...)
so I have just now had a chance to review the document.

Overall I believe the concerns are reasonable, and achievable.
While many of the aspects of the NSI  ICANN contract may
be already set in stone, I believe the points included in this
document should be made.  A couple comments, I think we should
put some numbers in the metrics (as suggestions to ICANN.)
Also in the second paragraph on the first page, I would refrain
from using the term "registrar constituency" and replace
that with "registrar industry."  Not a major point though.

interQ will be a signatory to this document.

Best regards,

Lauren Gaviser wrote:

> Fellow Registrars,
> As Rich Forman mentioned in his email to the list yesterday, attached is
> a letter outlining some of the concerns a number of registrars
> (including CORE, Verio, Concentric, InfoNetworks, Domain Bank and
> register.com) have expressed regarding the proposed agreements among
> NSI, ICANN and the Department of Commerce.  I would like to reiterate
> that we only have two weeks until the board meeting in Los Angeles to
> get our concerns aired so it is important that we act now.
> We believe it is critical to have a unified message, and therefore
> encourage all registrars to lend their support and sign this letter.
> Please let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this
> letter.  Otherwise, please reply to this email to let me know that you
> agree to be a signatory.
> Regards,
> Lauren Gaviser
> Director, Strategic Initiatives
> register.com
> tel: (212)798-9155