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Re: [registrars] Conference Call 9:00 AM (PDT) on Wednesday, Oct. 20th

Fellow Registrars,

As I mentioned, I will be unable to participate tonight, but I would
like to urge that we attempt to present a cohesive list of recommendations
to the ICANN board if possible.  As the experts in this area, the
registrars should attempt to provide a list of proposals, even if
there is not complete unanimity, I believe we should cover
as wide a spectrum of input as possible.

In addition to presenting opinions directly to the ICANN board,
we may want to consider presenting our opinions  to the DNSO
Names Council, for comment and official submission to the ICANN
board.  This process might take a little time however, as each
constituency would likely want to comment or offer their own

Best regards,

Jeff Field wrote:

> To all registrars,
> I've had over the past few days some very helpful conversations with many
> of you regarding the NSI/DoC/ICANN agreements.  Collectively we certainly
> have a good assortment of issues and concerns.  In the interest of
> facilitating an open discussion in advance of ICANN's voting on whether or
> not to ratify these agreements in Los Angeles November 4th, I've set up a
> conference call for 9:00 AM (PDT) on Wednesday, Oct. 20th (this
> Wednesday!).  Our attorney(s) from the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati law
> firm will be present to contribute their thoughts to the discussion.
> So far, NameSecure.com and Register.com have offered formal comments
> letters to ICANN and the DoC.  Now is the time to discuss these issues
> collectively.  I welcome your participation on the call.

_/_/_/interQ Incorporated
_/_/_/System Division
_/_/_/Director and General Manager
_/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay