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Re: [registrars] PROPOSED TELECONFERENCE on DOC_NSI agreement

Thanks for organing this. I will listen in if yo don't mind.

Esther Dyson

At 02:09 pm 09/28/1999 -0400, Ken Stubbs wrote:
>well the big day finally came and we now have what appears to be a
>definitive agreement.
>as per our previous correspondence, i have contacted Joe Sims & Louis Touton
>and have set up a tentative teleconference on this Friday morning (US Time)
>the exact hour is not yet set but i am proposing 1300 hrs GMT (9:00 eastern
>daylight time) for the conference and they have indicated that they will get
>back with a firm time sometime later today.
>at this time i would suggest that if your planning on being on the call you
>make time on Friday morning for this .
>i will make arrangements to set up a call (with the comfort of knowing that
>the registrar constituency of the dnso will reimburse CORE for the call) and
>will get back to you with a firm time as quickly as i can.
>in order to insure that there are enough ports for the teleconf. please let
>me know if you wish to participate on the call as soon as possible.
>best wishes
>ken stubbs
>p.s. i apologize for any unintentional cross-postings.. i just wanted to
>make sure you all got this message
>Ken Stubbs
>e-mail:  kstubbs@corenic.org
>ICQ#: 18781607
>Tel: 1 352 750-9776

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