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[registrars] PROPOSED TELECONFERENCE on DOC_NSI agreement

well the big day finally came and we now have what appears to be a
definitive agreement.

as per our previous correspondence, i have contacted Joe Sims & Louis Touton
and have set up a tentative teleconference on this Friday morning (US Time)

the exact hour is not yet set but i am proposing 1300 hrs GMT (9:00 eastern
daylight time) for the conference and they have indicated that they will get
back with a firm time sometime later today.

at this time i would suggest that if your planning on being on the call you
make time on Friday morning for this .

i will make arrangements to set up a call (with the comfort of knowing that
the registrar constituency of the dnso will reimburse CORE for the call) and
will get back to you with a firm time as quickly as i can.

in order to insure that there are enough ports for the teleconf. please let
me know if you wish to participate on the call as soon as possible.

best wishes

ken stubbs
p.s. i apologize for any unintentional cross-postings.. i just wanted to
make sure you all got this message

Ken Stubbs
e-mail:  kstubbs@corenic.org
ICQ#: 18781607
Tel: 1 352 750-9776