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[registrars] registrar teleconference details RE: NSI-DOC-ICANN AGREEMENTS

good morning all....

the conference has been set for 08:30 hrs eastern daylight time on this
friday October 1 and should be approx 1 hour-1 1/2 in duration.

her are the appropriate details for call in information
Confirmation #:  9909-290094
Date:  10/01/99
Time:  8:30am ED
Domestic & International telephone number #: 213-683-8900
Conference host = ken stubbs

the conference will be chaired  & moderated by michael palage (secretariat
of the registrar constituancy ) and we will have someone taking notes as
well. the notes will be consolidated and should be available to you by
monday or tuesday oct 5.

it is VERY IMPORTANT that you confirm by reply to the list you attendance at
the conference if you have not previously done so. this is to insure that
there are enough open ports to accomodate all of you.

at this point in time we are expecting 30-35 people in attendance based on
current responses.

PLEASE     do not forget to submit any proposed questions to michael and
copy the list as well.

we expect louis, joe sims, and possibly andrew mclaughlin as well so there
will be plenty of "informed parties" on the call to answer your questions
and try to elaborate on any items which may be of confusion or concern to

looking forward to your participation...

best regards

ken stubbs

Ken Stubbs
e-mail:  kstubbs@corenic.org
ICQ#: 18781607
Tel: 1 352 750-9776