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[registrars] Teleconference re: Post Testbed Phase

fellow registrars

we have had a significant number of positive responses on the proposal to
hold a teleconference . It is clear that there are many questions that need
to be answered and a significant need for bringing all the registrars as
up-to-date as possible.

i talked to representatives from ICANN and they have indicated that they
feel that a conference of this nature would be most beneficial and they
would be  happy to participate.

feedback from the registrars who have responded so far indicates a strong
need for a specific agenda and following up on that , i am suggesting that
we start a thread for tentative agenda items . there are many questions and
concerns regarding various policies and procedures that will come out of
this agreement and also a need for more specific timelines for
implementation of programs such as the UDRP.

i also feel that this would be an excellent opportunity for us to "put our
two cents worth" in regarding our thoughts on funding as well.

we all recognize that, at this point in time, we are still waiting for some
definitive action here... but comments from the other registrars seem to
indicate that there are currently definitive issues that need elaboration,
regardless of the final outcome of the negotiations. i will start with a
couple of items specific item (no priority intended here)

1. when can we expect some definitive reports on  the testbed phase ?
2..how can we make the transfer process more efficient and less cumbersome
3. what about the concept of uniform "handles"  ? is this possible how can
we make this process as effective and efficient as possible?
3. what can we as registrars do to more effectively deal with  providing
input and the front end of the policy making process rather than being
forced to react at the back end

we are looking forward to hearing more from all of you and to your
participation... so please lets hear
your thought on agenda items etc.

best wishes

Ken Stubbs
e-mail:  kstubbs@corenic.org
ICQ#: 18781607
Tel: 1 352 750-9776