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Re: [registrars] request for teleconference - new post-testbedagreement.

To a large extent I agree with you.  Unfortunately, for us registrars, it is
a dammed if you do and dammed if you don't situation.  We need a level
playing field.  Is NTIA capable of negotiating a level playing field
contract?  I don't know, but I sure hope so.  What I would like to see is,
if a level playing field can't be created, to continue the testbed, but
allow alternatives to NSI be developed so that we would have a choice.  If
this was a option two extensions ago, there could at least be some
alternative proposals on the table now for consideration.  We need something
out there that promotes registration growth of everyone, not the survival of
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From: Jeff Shrewsbury Info Avenue <iamarketing@infoave.net>
To: Ken Stubbs <kstubbs@corenic.org>; Registrars@dnso.org
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Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 10:18 AM
Subject: Re: [registrars] request for teleconference - new

>Absolutely. I say we tele-meet as soon as possible after the new agreement
>is hashed out.
>But also, what are the chances that these negotiations will necessitate
>another extension of the testbed period? We might as well keep postponing
>the end of the testbed until the agreement comes more in line with what's
>fair. What have we got to lose? Registrars are still coming up, but why
>sign off on a bad agreement just for expediency?
>Jeff Shrewsbury
>Info Avenue Internet Services
>At 10:52 AM 9/26/99 -0400, Ken Stubbs wrote:
>>fellow registrars...
>>we are all aware that the DOC-NSI contract negotiations are scheduled
>>(hopefully...) to end this week.
>>this new contract will have a major impact on all the registrars and our
>>related business plans and will also significantly affect  the way we do
>>business in the future and our relationship with both ICANN and NSI.
>>to that end, i am proposing that we consider holding a  teleconference
>>all the ICANN-accredited registrars to be held shortly after the release
>>the contract by DOC-NSI.
>>I am certain that most of us will have specific questions regarding
>>elaborations of policies and procedures outlined in the contract.  I also
>>feel that we need as quickly as possible to determine what  areas of this
>>new agreement  will most immediately impact our specific businesses and
>>a teleconference of this nature will also help to provide agenda direction
>>to the ICANN registrar constituency for our next meeting in los angeles. i
>>don't believe we can wait until LA to start to develop policies and
>>positions for future registrar operations.
>>i would recommend that we include in this meeting Louis Touton and  Joe
>>as ICANN will have  had significant input into this agreement and must
>>ratify it as well. they should be able to provide a proper elaboration to
>>any specific areas where we may feel it is needed.
>>many of the registrars have been waiting for months to get up and going
>>helping to crystallize the impact of the new agreement will lend a more
>>solid sense of direction to all of us as we move forward to the next phase
>>of the transition.
>>how the rest of you feel about this idea ?
>>Ken Stubbs
>>e-mail:  kstubbs@corenic.org
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