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Re: [registrars] LA meeting

Lauren Gaviser wrote:
> Amadeu,
> I saw on the ICANN web site that the schedule for the conference hasn't
> been totally fixed yet.  I assumed the constituency meetings would be on
> Tuesday morning, the first day of the conference, as that is how it has
> been in the past.  I personally would prefer the meeting to take place on
> Tuesday rather than Monday.  Have any of the other registrars expressed a
> preference?


Only a couple of registrars have said that they would be available on
Monday afternoon.

The reason why we arethinking about that possibility is that Genral
Assembly, Names Council and working Groups have now much more issues
to discuss than ealier.

BTW, please keep expressing yur views. We have to decide by midweek.
We are now three to one for Monday. Please provide more feedback.