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Re: [registrars] LA meeting


I saw on the ICANN web site that the schedule for the conference hasn't
been totally fixed yet.  I assumed the constituency meetings would be on
Tuesday morning, the first day of the conference, as that is how it has
been in the past.  I personally would prefer the meeting to take place on
Tuesday rather than Monday.  Have any of the other registrars expressed a

Lauren Gaviser

Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:

> Hi,
> As ICABB is planning the schedule for the LA meeting (November 2-4) we
> would need to fix a date for the Registrar constituency meeting.
> As we have Genral Assembly, Names Council and Working Groups meetings
> to arrange, the most convneint date would be on Monday afternoon. Is
> that coneneint for you all?
> The alternative would be Tuesday morning, rather early.
> Amadeu