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Re: [registrars] Second Call For Names Counsel Nominations

Hello Michael,

We just finished a Names Council teleconference, and it seems
that while there is no final resolution on the citizen versus
residency issue, we will at least be given a 3 month waiver on
the geographic diversity rules.  I will be lobbying the ICANN board
to re-think these rules to reflect residency, at least as far
as the DNSO constituencies are concerned.

With this result in mind, I will nominate myself to represent the
Asia Pacific region in the upcoming elections.  I will be sending
my personal statement in html.  I have one request that the
nominations be forwarded to the list, as I did not see that
Richard and Jason had been nominated.  Also, could you point
us to where the html files can be accessed.

To my fellow registrars, please consider my nomination (self!)
to the Names Council.  If you have any questions at all I would
be very happy to answer them on the list, or privately as well.
Please refer to the html file for my personal background.

I believe I have served the constituency well thus far, and
would like to continue to represent our interests in the
Names Council.

Best regards,

"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> To date I have received the following nominations and required HTML
> documentation:
> Richard Forman (N. America)
> Jason Hendeles (N. America)
> Any individual that is interested in running please state your intention to
> the list and forward to me a SINGLE html file with a brief CV and personal
> statement.  Only those people that indicate that they themselves are
> interested in running will be added to the ballot. SELF-NOMINATION IS
> PERMITTED. Please conform to the following naming convention
> <lastname_firstname.html> for the HTML document.
> Nominations are scheduled to close this Friday.
> Thanks

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_/_/_/System Division
_/_/_/Director and General Manager
_/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay