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Re: [registrars] residence or citizenship??

Amadeu, and fellow Registrars,

I agree with Amadeu for obvious reasons...  I am a member of this
constituency because my company, a Japanese company, is a
Registrar.  I  represent the company in this constituency for
2 very simple reasons:  1. I am on the board and have the authority
to vote for the company, and 2. I am a native speaker of English.
It just so happens that my citizenship is different than the company

I personally feel that the geographical diversity rules are very
important, and should be adhered to as strictly as possible.  However
I was unaware of this change in wording, until last week at a discussion
of the Dispute Resolution Policy with the JPNIC when one of the
Japanese delegates to the GAC mentioned the policy change.
Given this change in environment, I would support Amadeu's
proposal to ask for a waiver on the citizenship rule.

I personally hope that there is some sort of a compromise
on this citizenship rule.  All of the Japanese citizens who have
been attending the ICANN meetings have been very favorable of
my being a representative of Japan and the Asia Pacific region.


Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:

> Hi all,
> Our current Articles say that each NC representative must come form a
> different region "as defined in the Bylaws".


> *******
> I submit that we should ask for such waiver_
> * not in order to have double represntation form one region, but only
> to apply, at leassst this time, residency instead of citizenship in
> determining the regions
> * We make clear that the current numbe of distirbution of accredited
> registrars makes it difficult to reconcile both ideas, citizenship +
> solid working relationship and residce, and that outreach in this
> temrs is not the solution, as we have a pre-dfined potential
> population (those apllying and obtaingng accritation as gTLD registrars).

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