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Re: [registrars] residence or citizenship??

At 15:09 13-09-1999 +0900, Richard Lindsay wrote:
>I personally feel that the geographical diversity rules are very
>important, and should be adhered to as strictly as possible.  However
>I was unaware of this change in wording, until last week at a discussion
>of the Dispute Resolution Policy with the JPNIC when one of the
>Japanese delegates to the GAC mentioned the policy change.
>Given this change in environment, I would support Amadeu's
>proposal to ask for a waiver on the citizenship rule.

Dear Richard:

I echo your plea.  I've lived in Japan continuously for 28 years.  The 
change dictated by the GAC would disenfranchise me.  Though you might think 
I could apply under my North American citizenship, what benefit could I 
provide for that constituency, living 5,000+ miles from the nearest member 
of that constituency?

BTW, I wonder where Guam stands, is it a part of North America for ICANN 

I think --- yes I think, but I *don't* think the GAC thought of all the 
ramifications of this change.  Think of how many green card holders working 
effectively for their North American employers who would be similarly 
disenfranchised.  It could even threaten their jobs if their "boss" was 
intent upon his/her candidacy.

As the mechanic said as he laid down his micrometer, "It's close enough for 
Government work".

Personal regards,

"Measure thrice and cut once."
 From "Little Britches".
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