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Re: [registrars] trafficking/warehousing

At 11:05 12-09-1999 -0600, Len wrote:
>         In Santiago a situation was put forth by Register.Com where a
>user buys a domain and then defaults on the payment.  In this situation I
>agree with Register that they should be able to resell the domain to
>recover costs.  But these costs should be low, not much more than
>the regular cost of a domain plus and addition Registry fee.

That would be acceptable.

>         If the Registry would give credit in such cases even the above
>situation may be avoided.

That would be preferred.  The 72 hour cancellation rule of NSI is certainly 
unfair, especially since NSI grants protracted credit to registrants.

Under the CORE MoU, CORE members would be required to grant *no* credit.


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