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RE: [registrars] Quick Catch-up post...

> a) We are gravely concerned at the lack of a comprehensive plan for
> transferring domain names between the new registrants. As it currently
> stands, there might be a different transfer policy and procedure *for each
> registrar*. This is obviously not a solution that works in the bests
> interests of the Internet community, registrants, registrars and the
> registry. Are there now, or will there be, any movement towards a unified
> procedure that will allow registrants to easily change registrars?


We do fully agree with your above concerns here at Ports. I would also emphasize the fact that some parties is trying to confuse us by focusing on *registrar transfer* as a security issue rather than *registrant transfer*. I know that many of you agree with me since i received some mails in this matter (see my previous posting at the end of this mail).

> b) Somewhat related. It does not appear that ICANN nor NSIr(egistry) have
> provisioned for global registrant lookup services. If this is the 
> case, then
> TUCOWS would like to spearhead the development of a service that 
> would allow
> all registrars to communicate with a centralized "whois" service in a DMZ

Obviously many of the registrars will develop such a service. IF we need one common centralized whois server (with decentralized data?) it should be maintained by somebody independent. However, I think we would be better off with a strict specification (ICANN!) for the whois service run by each of us. Then it would be a easy task for anyone interested to cross interface to the Registry and the registrars' whois servers.

> grab, that NSI is being prevented from pursuing their capitalist goals by
> socialist european groups and that the entire domain infrastructure as we

Give us an update here. What "socialist european groups" are they talking about?

[My earlier posting referred to above - Fri, 18 Jun 1999]: 

"As I tried to point out at the telephone conference today there shouldn't be any particular technical difference for the registry to change registrar in comparision to changing DNS for a registered domain.

Maybe I've missed the point somewhere but what is the actual security issue about transferring a registered domain name to another registrar? We will all have signed agreements that we won't breach lightly. Isn't it much worse if domain contacts or DNS is changed without authorization form the holder? Registrar can easily be switched back while changing DNS can result in denial of service or even worse hijacking of mail and other services.

IMHO transfers should be handled in the same way as the other data in the registry's and registrar's databases (exept from certain owner data). This goes with the fees involved as well. Otherwise it will certainly be an adequate competition advantage to NSI." [end]

Per-Anders Hurtigh, Ports