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Re: [registrars] Quick Catch-up post...

> We do fully agree with your above concerns here at Ports. I would also
emphasize the fact that some parties is trying to confuse us by focusing on
*registrar transfer* as a security issue rather than *registrant transfer*.
I know that many of you agree with me since i received some mails in this
matter (see my previous posting at the end of this mail).

Correct me if I am wrong, but the only difference between a registrant
transfer and a registrar transfer is that a registrar transfer would be
attempted without the knowledge of the registrant(?). In all other cases,
the registrant initiates the change, and the registrar is simply acting as
an agent. I can say for a fact that this is already affecting my business
because of the fact that this has not been dealt with by ICANN, NSIr and

> Obviously many of the registrars will develop such a service. IF we need
one common centralized whois server (with decentralized data?) it should be
maintained by somebody independent. However, I think we would be better off
with a strict specification (ICANN!) for the whois service run by each of
us. Then it would be a easy task for anyone interested to cross interface to
the Registry and the registrars' whois servers.

Our thinking is that this should be a wholly distributed service with
shared, decentralized data. I should have been more careful with my previous
wording. My main point was that, as registrars, we must all have immediate
access to complete, comprehensive registrant data for registrations that
have not been facilitated by us directly. If this means a centralized whois
system, then let's do it. If there are better options, let's hear them. As I
mentioned, we are 100% willing to invest significant resources towards this

> > grab, that NSI is being prevented from pursuing their capitalist goals
> > socialist european groups and that the entire domain infrastructure as
> Give us an update here. What "socialist european groups" are they talking

I have yet to dig up my reference. If I cannot, a retraction may be in order
;) The reference was contained in a news piece from a week or so ago.