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Re: [registrars] Quick Catch-up post...

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"Ross Wm. Rader" wrote:
> In no certain order...


> There are a couple of other things that I tried to bring up last week, but I
> think that these three will suffice for now. BTW, congratulations to all of
> those that were elected to the Names Council. I could not think of a better
> group to represent our interests.

Your points are all valid, and need to be addressed.  As we have 2
days remaining in the testbed, and no notice whatsoever, we are
all suffering from a seriuos lack of infomration and communication.

I hope to be able to grab Andrew McLaughlin, and some other ICANN
board members, and discuss some of these issues.

By the way, has everyone seen the agenda posted for the Names
Council meeting on the dnso.org home page?  If anyone has any
comments, please let me know, as I will be the only NC rep at
this meeting (I think?)


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